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  • Det Ryan Park/Det Jamie Huntley-Park, LEO(AD), San Diego: June 15, 2021

Author Topic: Det Ryan Park, 32/Det Jamie Huntley-Park, 33, LEO(AD), San Diego-15 JUN 21  (Read 381 times)

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The families and the San Diego Police Department have invited the Patriot Guard Riders to be present to honor Detectives Ryan Park and Jamie Huntley-Park for their service to San Diego and Country.  It will be our privilege to do so.

Ryan and Jamie are both decorated detectives of the San Diego Police Department..  The couple and pair of police detectives lost their lives in a wrong-way car crash. They spent their lives serving and protecting the city.   They met in the police academy in April 2012 and married in 2016.  The couple was off-duty at the time of the crash.

Jamie was a successful hockey player, a hockey referee, coach and even refereed Olympic trial games,  She was an outstanding officer and detective who was assigned to the southern division.

Ryan was a remarkable patrol officer, who quickly assembled through ranks and became a homicide detective assigned to team one of the homicide team.

The department is quoted as saying about them "They really were embraced by so many people, and that's why this is so devastating to all the police officers and the dispatchers and for the firefighters that they knew," Alex Morrison, group director of San Diego Angels, told CBS/CW affiliate KFMB. "Ryan was Jamie's world, and he was amazing. He was so devoted and loving, fun and adventuresome. He was a great runner and would do anything for his wife, absolutely anything. It was one of the sweetest things."

"Ryan and Jamie completed each other in every possible way, and we take comfort knowing that he is with his soulmate," Park's brother Justin added in a statement. "They did everything together, and they always had a little friendly competition. Right now, we picture them traveling all over heaven, walking among the clouds together, sipping on a beer and some whisky or scotch, which Jamie loved to collect."

Ryan and Jamie are survived by parents, siblings, extended family members, and of course their family in the San Diego Police Department.  They are so painfully missed and will never be forgotten.

NOTE: This mission posting is to facilitate your voluntary participation in honoring these two detectives.  For those interested, and all PGR members are welcome, we will be standing a flag line at the cemetery.. Please see the time table if you would like to participate.

Time Table for Tuesday 15 June 2021:

1100 – Stage at El Camino Memorial Park, 5600 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92121

1115 – Mission briefing

1130 – Flag Line for arrival of funeral procession

1200 – Gravesite Funeral Service

R/C Lorenzo Lizarraga
SoCal PGR Regional Ride Captain


You do not have to be a Veteran or a motorcycle rider to attend this mission. All PGR members are welcome. We encourage those who do not ride to attend in your car. If this will be your first mission go to the initial staging area and you will be briefed there by the R/C (Ride Captain).  Dress for motorcycle riding or dress casually if you are driving a cage (car).  Please feel free to attend any portion of this mission you can.  Please ride/drive safely.
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