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  • James Anthony Santana, 83, USMC/Vietnam - Oceanside/MNC: May 16, 2024

Author Topic: James Anthony Santana, 83, USMC/Vietnam - Oceanside/MNC - 16 May 2024  (Read 142 times)


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The family of James Anthony Santana has asked the Patriot Guard to join them in honoring their hero.  It will be our privilege to do so. 

James passed away at the age of 83 years old.

James joined the Marine Corps in 1960 and retired on 12/31/1987.  He served 27 years of active duty.  He retired as a Master Gunny Sergeant E-9.  James served two tours in Vietnam and was awarded the Purple Heart.

After retiring, James worked as a security guard for over 17 years.  Whenever possible, James loved to watch boxing.

James is survived by his wife, Sonia, and their daughter, Asdid (pronounced ow-geese).  He had 10 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.

The family is asking for an escort from the mortuary in Oceanside to Miramar National cemetery, approximately 28 miles.

NOTE: This mission posting is to facilitate your voluntary participation in honoring this Marine. For those interested, all PGR members are welcome, please meet us at the mortuary in Oceanside or meet us at the cemetery.


11:15 - Stage at Oceanside Mortuary, 602 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA.

11:30 - Mission briefing.

12:00 - KSU for Miramar National Cemetery, 5795 Nobel Drive, San Diego, CA.

12:45 - Arrival at Miramar National Cemetery.

13:15 - Full military honors. Rifle volley, taps, folding of the flag.

Ken “Santa” Brassell
SoCal PGR Ride Captain

You do not have to be a veteran or a motorcycle rider to attend this mission.  All PGR members are welcome.  We encourage those who do not ride to attend in your car.  If this will be your first mission go to the initial staging area and you will be briefed there by the Ride Captain (RC).  Dress for motorcycle riding or dress casually if you are driving a cage (car).  Please feel free to attend any portion of this mission you can.  Please ride/drive safely.

Please remember that our mission is to stand tall and silent, and with honor and respect for our Heroes.  No talking, smoking, or cell phone use during the flag line or service.  Please keep radios off and engine noise to a minimum. Observe the 15 MPH speed limit.  Remember, cemeteries are hallowed ground.  Show respect to all who are there, not just the ones we are honoring.