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« on: March 02, 2014, 04:20:42 AM »
Dear So Cal PGR Members,

We recently sent out a few emails notifying registered forum members of an upcoming event at MLK High school. And another set of emails were sent regarding time changes for a Welcome Home. The emails we sent out was reported to AOL by 2 members as Junk mail or "SPAM" (otherwise known as  un-solicited  email)

We were hoping that if we explained to you what this means and what happens when these emails are reported to AOL we could hopefully prevent this from happening in the future.
We really want to stress the importance of NOT reporting any forum emails to AOL. If you don't want the emails you can turn them off.

A few months ago we were totally shut out (black listed) by AOL and we were unable to communicate with any registered user who use AOL email. This is what AOL does if it gets enough reports of unwanted email from a specific website or IP address. And unfortunately that made it impossible for any of you on AOL to receive even the wanted emails from the forum such as mission notices. AOL makes it very easy to report these emails and virtually impossible to have them reverse their decision and ban.

Furthermore, the So Cal website and forum are run on one of our own member's business servers, this is done voluntarily and at no cost to So Cal PGR. This member operates a web hosting business on this same server and because of the AOL reports we received, all the businesses who pay for hosting on this server were also unable to communicate with their clients who use AOL. This was extremely negative and affected the member's business.

We assume that when you registered on the So Cal Forum you were saying that you wanted to received emails and mission notices to keep you up to date on all things going on. If you do NOT wish to received these emails you can easily turn off Newsletters AND Notifications by logging into your member account above:
Go to PROFILE/MODIFY PROFILE/NOTIFICATIONS. You can turn off Newsletters in here but if you do so you will no longer receive Gunny Grams and other important updates. You can also "UNNOTIFY" from any boards you want to stop receiving emails when we post missions and events also.

We want you to get these emails! Please please think twice before clicking that button to report the email to AOL! :)

If you have any questions please ask. We are happy to help you if you need assistance turning on or off notifications or newsletters.

Thank you,
Gunny & The Posting Team
So Cal PGR