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  • Jerry R. Pugh, 72, USN, Vietnam, Westminster: October 30, 2021

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Jerry Ray Pugh, 72, USN, Vietnam, Westminster - 30 OCT 21
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The family of Jerry Ray Pugh, age 72, has requested the Patriot Guard to Honor this U.S. Navy Vietnam Hero, It will be our Honor to do so.

Jerry first became known to the Patriot Guard on a request that was sent in by family, friends, and Guardians for July 11th arrival to help bring Jerry home from John Wayne Airport to his home in Anaheim.

Jerry's Guardian Angels, as they came to be known, are a group of people that wanted to make sure that Jerry was well taken care of, and to make sure that the family got some ample rest because of the hours that were required to insure Jerry was never left alone. Jerry was battling cancer and wanted to be back in Orange County on the event of his passing.

The Patriot Guard answered the call and when Jerry finally passed all of his requirements to be able to fly back home, we were there waiting for him to arrive at the airport.

Despite numerous delays, when Jerry saw us as he rounded the corner to an awaiting group of Patriot Guard Riders he broke out in a smile that could not be erased. We spoke to him for a while and then accompanied him home.

"The Guardian Angels" as we call them took care of the transportation from Oklahoma to Orange County, and the residence for Jerry to relax in and made sure that he was never alone. Jerry overcame all odds to get back home, fighting off cancer, and colds, and infections to be able to get home.

The doctors kept telling Jerry that in all likelihood he would not be able to travel from Oklahoma to Orange County due to his health issues, and with Covid restrictions. His response "Oh yes I will". It was that spirit that kept Jerry going.

Jerry was met by the Oklahoma Patriot Guard to get him to the airport under complete supervision and Police Escort. Once Jerry's plane landed in Southern Calif, he became the responsibility of the SoCal Patriot Guard, and we were greatly Honored to bring Jerry home.

On the night we got Jerry settled in to his home, he had a stroke 2 hours later. He battled thru that as well. Jerry was given the prognosis of maybe 2 weeks maximum to survive, Jerry fought for another 2 1/2 months.

It was made known by Jerry to his family, and Guardians that he definitely felt as though he now had a new family in the Patriot Guard, and he wanted to make sure the ones that brought him home to spend his last days would be there to take him home on his final journey. We will be there to insure Jerry's wishes are granted.

Jerry served in the United States Navy from 23 July 1968 to 29 Oct. 1973, 12 Months of that was served in Vietnam. Jerry received his Honorable Discharge as an E-3 on 29 Oct. 1973.

Upon Jerry's honorable discharge he went to work for the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway, where he worked until his retirement. Jerry also founded "At Ease Veterans Ministry"
This Ministry was set up to provide assistance to Veterans and their families for claiming Military benefits.

With Family, and Guardians standing by, Jerry closed his eyes for the last time. He left all the pain behind, and opened his eyes in the presence of his Lord. Jerry gave the very best that he had, we will give Jerry and his family the very best that we have.

NOTE: This mission posting is to facilitate your voluntary participation in honoring this Military Veteran. For those interested, and all PGR members are welcome, we will be accompanying the hero and his family from staging area to the church. Please see the timetable if you would like to participate. For those who would rather go directly to the church, we will meet you there.

NOTE: Please observe the latest “COVID-19” restrictions, have mask available if needed.

Time Table for Saturday 30 Oct. 2021:

0945 - Stage at Big Lots, 6351 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, Ca. 92683

1000 - Mission Briefing

1020 - KSU for Calvary Chapel Pacific Coast, 6400 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, Ca. 92683

1030 - Flag Line for transfer of Hero into church

1115 - Flag Line for our Hero as he is brought to family vehicle. 

Mission Complete!

R/C Mike "Joker" Courtright
SoCal / PGR Ride Captain

"Standing for those who stood for us"

Only 2 defining forces offered to die for you:
Jesus Christ, and the American Soldier:
One died for your soul, the other one died for your freedom.

You do not have to be a Veteran or a motorcycle rider to attend this mission. All PGR members are welcome. We encourage those who do not ride to attend in your car. If this will be your first mission go to the initial staging area and you will be briefed there by the R/C (Ride Captain). Dress for motorcycle riding or dress casually if you are driving a cage (car). Please feel free to attend any portion of this mission you can. Please ride/drive safely.