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Thank You - William H. Link - 18 NOV
« on: November 25, 2021, 05:14:05 PM »
Jeff "TriGeezer" Werner received this thank you from the family of William H. Link:

We wanted to extend our sincere appreciation to all of the Patriot Guard and Jeff Werner,  the leader of the mission last week.
Having the Patriot Guard at my dad’s service blessed our family so much during such a sad time. They made a huge difference. We were so impressed with their level of detail and expertise. When they lined up with flags as my dad’s casket was carried out of the mortuary and put into the hearse created scene of respect and honor we will never forget.

They were so helpful in keeping the funeral procession together all the way to Miramar which was 22 miles from the mortuary. I am sure my dad was loving this as he looked down from heaven. It was such a beautiful way to honor my mom too.  Dad was a big motorcycle fan, and he was a patriot. All of the patriots that accompanied our family were impressive and touched everyone’s heart as they lined up at the pavilion. Jeff’s presentation about the flag and the meaning of the folds was inspirational to everyone who attended, especially Bill's great grandchildren who will need to carry the burdens of this country in the future. I am sure this next generation will keep this image of respect and honor in their hearts and minds forever.

Our hearts were so blessed by Jeff and the team that joined us last week. We are truly thankful and wish all of the Patriot Guard a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday tomorrow.


Lisa Rue and Della Link
Family of William H. Link
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