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  • HOTH-E.O.W. Wall Ceremony, LEO Memorial, Riverside: May 18, 2022

Author Topic: HOTH-E.O.W. Wall Ceremony, LEO Memorial, Riverside - 18 MAY 22  (Read 121 times)

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The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, West Field Operations Chief Deputy David Lelevier on behalf of Sheriff Chad Bianco, and the American Legion Post 79 Memorial Committee, have invited the Patriot Guard Riders to accompany our Heroes, past and present at a newly installed Memorial to be dedicated to the E.O.W. (End of Watch). We are honored to do so.

Sheriffs who gave their lives in the Line of Duty beginning with the year, 1895 to current.  In total, 25 names will be Honored during the unveiling of this newly built Memorial.  Notable attendee’s will be Sheriff Chad Bianco, Sheriff Chief Deputy David Lelevier, City of Riverside Police Chief Larry Gonzalez,  Past City of Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz and a contingency of 40-60 Uniformed Officers, former Norco Mayor, now Councilman/Historian, Kevin Bash will all be present. 

This Memorial has been in the works since our dedication of the Riverside Police Dept. Memorial where the Patriot Guard Riders were present for those services in 2015.  The Patriot Guard has been asked to perform much the same Flag Line during the outside dedication of this Memorial.  The Patriot Guard will be directed by the Ride Captain to form 2 half circles of this Flag Line in front of Post 79.  In the middle of that circle will be the attendee’s from inside the Post upon their exit outside and the Riverside Sheriff’s Mounted Horse Posse, and K-9’s. 

This Dedication outside will perform the 3 Volley Salute by Post 79 Honor Guard and Distinguished Bugler Thomas Jay "TJay". Flyover will be done by both Riverside County Sheriff and Riverside PD Helicopters.  No revving of engines as the Memorial Services will be in progress.

Other information needed to be noted here.  This Memorial conception is based around the infamous Norco Bank Robbery 42 years ago this month on 09 May 1980. (youtube Norco Bank Robbery) and to Honor Deputy James Evans along with the other E.O.W. Sheriff Deputies.   Evans a former U.S. Army Captain, Green Beret, age 39, who aspired of being Sheriff, was ambushed and killed during this robbery in the hills of Lytle Creek.  U.S. Army Captain James Evans used his re-enlistment bonus money to help Vietnamese War Orphans.  The Norco Bank Robbery is remembered to this day as one of the most violent in U.S. History.  1 Sheriff killed; 8 others wounded.  33 Vehicles damaged or destroyed.  1 Jet Helicopter shot down and numerous civilians and houses shot at.  We mention this as the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office is working hard to bring to this Memorial Dedication, the Widow of U.S Army Green Beret Vet and Sheriff James B. Evans.  It will be our Honor to Honor those of his caliber in their Duties as LEO’s in Riverside County.  The Patriot Guard Riders are invited to thank our Sheriff’s personally and to join in the after the presentation at Post 79 for food and drinks.

This notice is to facilitate your voluntary participation in honoring these LEO’s from Riv. Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

Time Table for Wednesday, 18 May 22:

1100 hrs - Stage at Fairmount Golf Course Parking Lot, 2681 Dexter Drive, Riverside, CA 92501 (Park to the right-side corner just as you enter through the front gate)

1120 hrs - Mission Briefing

1135 hrs - KSU to parking at Post 79, (No Revving)  Prepare for Flag Line  (900 feet distance to Post 79) (Parking Lot could be full, street parking as designated by the Ride Captain Instructions)

1209 hrs - Attendees should be starting to exit building for outside Memorial Services/Presentations

1258 hrs - End of Memorial Dedication/Services.  Join inside the Hall for refreshments and fellowship

R/C Tom Barry
So Cal PGR Ride Captain
(714) 206-1227

NOTE: This Mission involves speeches and timing could be extended.  Ride Captain will be updated by text regularly.

You do not have to be a Veteran or a motorcycle rider to attend this mission. All PGR members are welcome. We encourage those who do not ride to attend in your car. If this is your first mission, go to the initial staging area, and you will be briefed by the R/C (Ride Captain). Dress for motorcycle riding or wear casual attire while driving a cage (car). Please feel free to attend any portion of this mission you can. Please ride/drive safely.
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