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  • Michael Proctor, Miramar National Cemetery : March 21, 2023

Author Topic: Michael Proctor, 70. USA, Vietnam Vet. Miramar National Cemetery - 21 MAR  (Read 107 times)

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The family of Michael Proctor has invited the Patriot Guard Riders to be present to honor their hero for his service to his country.   It will be our privilege to do so.

Michael joined the Army in 1969 and proudly served for 4 years which included two tours in Vietnam. Michael obtained the rank of Staff Sergeant (E6) and was honorably discharged and the end of his enlistment. During his two tours in Vietnam, he earned a Purple Heart, a Silver Star and good conduct medal. He was also deemed 100% disabled veteran in four separate evaluations due to his exposure to Agent Orange and PTSD.

After his time in the military Michael was very involved with the VA especially through AA. He had a huge passion for our veterans and helped every way he could. Michael also rode a trike and loved his family within the motorcycle community. Since Michael suffered with severe diabetes, he was faced with losing his legs through amputation but still continued to ride. Michael loved sports of every kind and played baseball, basketball, and football in his youth. He was very proud of his son who is the current wrestling coach at West Hills Highschool in Santee. Michael was a local and graduated from Grossmont Highschool in La Mesa as well as his five brothers.

Michael is survived by his son Michael and his daughter Erin. Michael passed in September of 2020 but because of COVID the family waited to have Michael properly put to rest. This will be a day of closure for the family.

NOTE: This mission posting facilitates your voluntary participation in honoring this Military Veteran. For those interested, all PGR members are welcome.  Please see the timetable if you would like to participate. We will meet you at Miramar National Cemetery.

Time Table for Tuesday 21 MAR 23

1000- Stage at Miramar National Cemetery, 5795 Nobel Drive, San Diego, CA 92122

1015 – Mission Briefing

1030- Flag line transfer to horse drawn carriage

1100 - Flag Line, Funeral Service with Military Honors Miramar National Cemetery, 5795 Nobel Drive, San Diego, CA 92122

Stacey McCarthy “Lil Bit”
SoCal Patriot Guard Ride Captain


You do not have to be a Veteran or a motorcycle rider to attend this mission. All PGR members are welcome. We encourage those who do not ride to attend in your car. If this is your first mission, go to the initial staging area, and you will be briefed by the R/C (Ride Captain). Dress for motorcycle riding or wear casual attire while driving a cage (car). Please feel free to attend any portion of this mission you can. Please ride/drive safely.

Remember that our mission is to stand tall and silent with honor and respect for our Heroes—no talking, smoking, or cell phone use during the flag line or service. Please keep the radios off and engine noise to a minimum. Show respect to all who are there, not just the ones we honor.

Robin "Skrewball" Parker
SoCal PGR Mission Ops
858 945 2363