SoCal Patriot Guard Riders

So Cal Patriot Guard Riders

About PGR

Is the PGR just a bunch of bikers? What’s their purpose?
Why would I want them to attend a memorial service or the Military Honors of a member of my family?

We invite you to take a few minutes to view any or all of the videos below.
After watching these videos you will have all your answers. Feel free to Contact Us if you would like the PGR to join you in Honoring Your Hero!


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NBC Nightly News

ABC World News

My Day With The Patriot Guard Riders

Why We Do What We Do



The PGR attends Memorial Missions and Military Honors only 
when invited by the family. Our desire is to Honor and 
pay our humble respect to the Veterans who have once stood for us.  



Photo Gallery

Gallery of PGR Missions here in SoCal



California State Assembly Recognizes
The Patriot Guard Riders



For those parents, spouses and siblings 
who have lost sons and daughters in the service of their
country, please check out the following links...

Contact Us If you would like The PGR to Join you in Honoring Your Hero.