SoCal Patriot Guard Riders

So Cal Patriot Guard Riders

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If you agree with the simple Mission Statement, you should become a member of the Patriot Guard Riders. To do so you need to register on their National website. It is very simple to register, but sometimes people have difficulty finding the link.

Register at the National website


Once your registration is completed on the National PGR website and you have successfully logged on, we’d like to encourage you to go to the California Forums page to see what is going on or has gone on with the PGR in California. You will not be able to access this important area unless you are a registered member of the PGR.

Visit the California forums on the National website


New Members/Associates 

On the California Forums page one will see, "New Members check in here." Please open that forum and post a message to let everyone know you've joined. Usually new members have questions so be sure to check back for follow-ups or responses to your post from existing members. 

Visit the New Members forum on the National website 

It is our endeavor to make the process of joining the Patriot Guard Riders an easier task and enhance your participation. There is a lot of helpful information for new and veteran members alike.


Southern California

As an associate of the SoCal PGR, you can choose to receive email notices, updates and reminders on current and upcoming missions and/or events.  You must register at our So Cal PGR Mission Forum to receive emails regarding Patriot Guard missions and events as they pertain to SoCal PGR. After you register you must login and subscribe to the boards on the forum. Click onto each board: Missions, Events and click the NOTIFY button in the upper right corner. By subscribing to the boards on the Forum you will receive an email within an hour of the mission being posted on the forum. You can manage your subscription settings in the profile are of your account. To prevent our emails from being blocked as SPAM, your contacts list should include and